Fix Canon Printer Error 5200

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200 in Less Than Five Minutes [SOLVED]

Error 5200 is one of the most common errors that Canon printer users face. Although it can be a frustrating experience, there are a few simple steps you can follow to fix the error in less than five minutes. With a little patience and some troubleshooting.

Causes of Canon 5200 Printer Error Occurs

The most common cause of the Canon printer error 5200 is a problem with the cartridge. This can be due to low ink levels in the cartridge, a faulty cartridge, or an issue with the logic board of the printer.

We know that Canon printers are designed to print in black even if the black cartridge goes empty, by using the colors in the color ink cartridge. Now that you know the cause of this error, let’s discuss its solutions. Your printer cartridges are either empty or close to empty, so you’ll need to replace them soon.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200

If your Canon printer is displaying error code 5200, there are a few simple steps you can take to fix the problem.

There are a few easy solutions to the error 5200 in Canon printers. We’ve gone over them one by one, so try each until the issue is resolved.

  1. Refill all your cartridges / Ink Tank
  2. Clean Cartridge / Print Head Manually
  3. Reset your Canon Printer to factory (default) settings

Refill all your cartridges / Ink Tank

It’s easy to keep your printer running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the line. All you need to do is make sure you keep your ink cartridges and ink tanks full.

  1. Make sure to check your ink levels in both your black and colored ink cartridges, and get them refilled if they are running low.
  2. After you refill the Black cartridge, be sure to also fill the color ink cartridge. Otherwise, you’ll encounter this error.

Clean Cartridge / Print Head Manually

It is important to keep your cartridge and print head clean in order to maintain optimal printing quality. Over time, ink and debris can build up on the cartridge and print head, causing clogs and decreased print quality. You can clean your cartridge and print head manually using a few simple steps.

  1. Unplug your printer’s power cable and leave it off for one hour.
  2. Remove the ink cartridges from your printer and clean their heads properly.
  3. Insert the cartridges again, plug in the power cable, and turn on your printer to check if the error has been fixed.

Reset your Canon Printer to factory (default) settings

Resetting your Canon printer to the factory default settings can be a helpful troubleshooting step if you’re experiencing issues with your printer. This will erase any custom settings you’ve made, so be sure to back up any settings you want to keep before resetting.

We are going to reset printer settings to default settings with these steps.

  • Press ‘ON’ button to switch-off your printer.
    Canon Error 5200
  • Wait for the printer to turn-off.
     Error 5200
  • Press and hold the ‘Stop’ button with your right hand and simultaneously press and hold the ‘ON’ button with your left hand. After 2-3 seconds, release the ‘Stop’ button and continue holding the ‘ON’ button with your left hand.
    Canon  Error 5200
  • While holding the ‘ON’ button, press the ‘Stop’ button 5 times at intervals of about 2 seconds. Each time you press it, the yellow triangle light below should be switched on and off.
  • Release all the buttons and you will see that LCD display will show blank, but the ON button will start flashing. This is a sign that your printer is being reset. At this point, your computer may indicate that it installed new hardware, just ignore the message.
  • Once the ON button stops blinking and constantly shows green light, press it once and wait for your printer to switch-off.
  • Carefully remove the cartridges from your printer. Clean the print-head and replace the cartridges back into the printer. Then, press the ‘ON’ button to turn your printer on.

Try printing and your printer should work normally.




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