HP Support Assistant Download

HP Support Assistant Download [ Latest Version ]

If your HP computer is having problems, you can download the HP Support Assistant to help you troubleshoot and fix them. This program will scan your computer for common issues and then provide instructions on how to fix them.

HP Support Assistant helps keep your HP computer in working order by finding updates and providing troubleshooting tools. Most HP computers come with HP Support Assistant. Click the app icon in the taskbar, or search Windows for support assistant to open the tool.

HP Support Assistant for PC

Get support for your HP printer or PC easily with HP Support Assistant. This handy tool is included on new HP desktop and notebook PCs, and can also be installed on PCs from other manufacturers. With HP Support Assistant, you’ll have quick and easy access to support resources and tools.

Requires Windows 10 RS4 or higher.

If you received an incompatible operating system message during HP Support Assistant installation, please download and install the Legacy version

Type: Software
File Size: 169.71 MB


HP Support Assistant other Version

Type: Software

HP Support Assistant for Chrome OS

Get the HP Support Assistant app for easy troubleshooting tools on your Chrome OS device. This free app runs from a Chrome browser and can be installed on most devices running Chrome OS M99 or later.

To add this service, start from a device running Chrome OS M99 or later.

  1. Make sure you are using the Chrome browser
  2. Go to the HPSA Chrome OS extension on the Chrome Web Store
  3. Download the HP Support Assistant extension
  4. When you are redirected back to this page, launch the app from the button below

HP Support Assistant Mobile

Need help while you’re on the go? HP Support Assistant Mobile gives you many of the same great features as the Windows version in the palm of your hand.

Download it now for iOS and Android.

FAQs About the HP Support Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions About the HP Support Assistant

Why can’t I install HP Support Assistant?

If you’re having trouble installing HP Support Assistant, it could be because your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements. HP Support Assistant requires Windows 7 or higher. If you’re using an older version of Windows, you can try downloading the software from the HP website. Another possibility is that HP Support Assistant is already installed on your computer. To check, open the Start menu and search for HP Support Assistant. If it’s not installed, you can find the download link on the HP website.

Does HP Support Assistant work on Windows 7?

We encourage you to receive updates through HP Support Assistant to access the latest version and features of HP Support Assistant and other HP software. If your computer runs Windows® 7 but HP Support Assistant is not installed, you can download the latest Windows® 7 version of HP Support Assistant.

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